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Legal Research

U.S. Constitution
Searchable guide to Constitution plus annotated Supreme Court decisions through June 29, 1992.

Code of Federal Regulations
Codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register.

Legislative Histories
Guide to recent legislative histories and legislation.

Bankruptcy Code Guide to Bankruptcy Code.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Guide to the Code of Civil Procedure.

Federal Rules of Evidence Guide to Federal Rules of Evidence

U.S. Tax Code Guide to U.S. Tax Code.

State Cases and Codes Guide to State legal sites and statutes.

State Laws and Cases (Alternative Source) Guide to State legal sites and statutes.

Municipal Codes
 Links to city and county codes available for unrestricted searching on the World Wide Web.

Uniform Commercial Code Guide to Uniform Commercial Code.

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
 Searchable guide to U.S. Supreme Court Cases since 1893.

Federal Court Cases and Local Rules Links to federal district courts and courts of appeals.

Court of Appeals Cases Searchable site of Court of Appeals cases.

Court of International Trade
Guide to U.S. Court of International Trade decisions.

Law Reviews Guide to law review articles.

Schopf & Weiss Site
Contains links to numerous litigation and other legal sites.

FindLaw Legal search engine.

Cornell LII Excellent guide to all law related materials.

WashLaw Web
Guide to all law related materials.

Foreign Law Guide to the laws and treaties of foreign countries.